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Murals and Commissions

Below are a selection of mural and commissioned art work. All of these projects involved working on a team of 1-6 people, under many different types of circumstances and goals. Many of the projects also put Ms. Clausius in a mentoring roll to help facilitate the consistency of the paint treatments and style.

Olio Backdrop Designed by Lance Brockman
Painted at Cobalt Studios
Drapery Painting Contributed by Jamie Clausius
Detail of Drapery and Tassle
Working Drawing and Work Up of Tassle Detail

JP Cullen Construction

This project was produced at Epic Sytems, Inc. in their Deep Space Auditorium, encompassed over 25 walls, and 400 linear square feet of painted space for a large auditorium built for Epic Systems, Inc in Verona, Wisconsin. Ms. Clausius was a scenic artist who was part of a 4 person crew who completed the project over 6 months. Ms. Clausius helped mentor inexperienced artists on her crew. These painted walls are intended to follow an ice cave theme. Ms. Clausius' work on the project encompassed many painted ice stalactite and stalagmite structures, an ice tunnel, and a saber-tooth tiger. 

Heading 5
Full Size Saber-Tooth Tiger Wall, Ms. Clausius Painted the Saber-Tooth Tiger and Surrounding Snow Scene
Detail Photograph of Saber-Tooth Tiger
Part of Wall Section of Ice Cave Mural
Ice Cave "Tunnel" Wall Partially Designed by Cristal Martinez
Actual Wall of "Ice Cave Tunnel" Partially Painted by Jamie Clausius

LexArts HorseMania 2010

Ms. Clausius along with Jerome Wills submitted a design to paint one of 80 fiberglass horses awarded to artists around the bluegrass region of Kentucky, in celebration of the International Equestrian Games coming to Lexington. They were indeed picked and below shows the process and finished piece titled "Mechanical Horse" for LexArts Horsemania.

Detail of Preliminary Drawing on Sculpture
Detail of Horse Hind Quarters Gear Painting
Detail of Ms. Clausius Painting Back Legs
Finished Painting Before Being Sealed at an Automotive Shop (For Outdoor Display)
Final Placement in Lexington, Kentucky
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